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Jamaica Farewell is a brilliant Play

Jamaica Farewell is a brilliant Play, superbly acted by the immensely talented Debra Ehrhardt.The show revolves around an awe-struck teenager,with dreams of "Coming to America", and the "Trials and Tribulation" that follows the elusive "Foreign", Whose streets are paved with "Gold and "High Fructose Corn Syrup".Ms Ehrhardt weaves her story with such delightful ease and such colorful Jamaican coloquialisms, that one could almost smell the "Jerk Chicken" wafting thru the air.Debra you had me at "Cow Foot".The narrative was "Authentic","Honest and "Riveting.Her seamless ease of slipping in and out of a myriad of characters was "Flawless".The use of the limited props to convey scenes of the "Notorious Rum Bar" , "A Whorehouse" and a variety of public transportation was "Magical".This is a tour de force performance, that is a "Must See" for all! Bravo! Debra. Bravo!!
- 1328T

one-of-a-kind performer and creator

Debra Ehrhardt is a one-of-a-kind performer and creator. Her unusual blend of a gorgeous face, striking figure, piercing blue eyes and fair skin are juxtaposed against her natural born Jamaiican accent. You might do a double-take at first but her self-assured, 5-star performance will have you enthralled throughout. She takes you through her unusual background to a story of international intrigue involving comedy, death-defying escape from attempted rape, car accidents and the hotel-from-hell, which is worthy of "Mission Impossible" or a lesson in "Murphy's Law." You can smell the atmosphere and feel the humidity and live vicariously through the international intrigue. By necessity she becomes a con-artist supreme but it is in one delicious, brilliant and sexy package. And, if one is to believe her (and I do) it is her own, true story of her using her teenage wits, wiles, and sexuality (while maintaining her honor) to escape from war-torn Jamaica. See it and have a great time. I've done it twice, so-far.

I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.

I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Definitely the funniest show I've seen in a while! Debra Ehrhardt gives a killer performance. Highly recommended.

So much life and energy

I saw this play when it was first presented during last year's FringeNYC Festival. I knew then that it needed a bigger audience. So glad to see it's back. And Debra Ehrhardt is amazing. So much life and energy. And so much fun! You go girl! All the way to the United States of America!

Jamaica, Farewell was outstanding

Thought Jamaica, Farewell was outstanding. What a talented performer Debra Ehrhardt is. You're there with her every step of the way from seeing her as a young girl to the scheme she hatches to get her off the island of Jamaica to achieve her dream of coming to America. She goes for broke!!!

We went, we saw, she conquered.

We went, we saw, she conquered. We were more than pleasantly surprised at the proficiency with which Ms Ehrhardt gave life to the many characters in her journey from Jamaica to here. We were with her every step of the way in this captivating, gripping, and hilarious naration. This is definitely a must-see performance; don't miss it!

Awesome performance

Hour and half of a one woman powerhouse show. Awesome performance. Talented young lady.

this one absolutely stunned me

As a theatre professional who sees a lot of plays and therefore somewhat of a skeptic, this one absolutely stunned me and left me pleasantly surprised...Debra Ehrhardt gives you insight into what it was like in Jamaica during the turbulent 70's and peels back the multitude of layers of that complex society. She gives you a window into her soul and allows you to see the pain of her relationship with her father. We also get a chance to see a young woman come of age and realize her dreams. A must see for the theatre connoisseur.

See this show and get happy

This show offers a fabulous evening of wildly funny characters, suspense, and a crazy but true story -- brought to wonderful theatrical life by a huge talent, Debra Ehrhardt. On top of being a terrific entertainment, the show also delivers a rich insight into Jamaican life. Those people really do say, "don't worry, be happy!" See this show and get happy.

stays with us way well-after leaving the theater

There comes just a few moments in our theatrical viewing lives where we can see something extradinary that on a stage stays with us way well-after leaving the theater. This would be Debra Ehrhart's Jamaica Farewell. Being a regular theater snob, I was surprised to be sucked in by her bright humor, deep drama and beautifully portrayed characters, not to mention a tight, well-written script. I was engaged from the moment I sat down-- even well known stars can't do that to me. Solo shows are difficult to pull off. I feel that there was a whole cast in front of me. The audience appreciation of her was titanic. Something rarely seen from unknowns. Any critic who finds fault in this show must be frustrated performers themselves. The real question is: who is this woman, Debra Ehrhardt? And why has it taken so long to find her? We look forward to hearing more about her in the future.

This is a stunning achievment

This is a stunning achievment. A finely acted beautifully crafted script. It is thought provoking, funny and moving and perhaps inadvertantly or perhaps deliberately speaks to the aspirations and dreams of those who want to come here to participate in the American Dream. I wish I could compel all those who rant against the "illegals" to see this lovely play. They would learn an important lesson.

absolutely enjoyable performance

If you have time to see nothing else this year, you must march yourselves down to the SOHO Playhouse and immerse yourself in this one-woman show. Debra Ehrhardt was thoroughly delightful in this absolutely enjoyable performance of her story on how she achieved her dream of getting to America. She will have you holding your sides with laughter at the twists and turns of her extraordinary journey. This is a not to be missed ninety minutes of theater at a wonderful Off-Broadway price.

nostalgic and kept me on the edge of my seat

As a native Jamaican and New York City resident, I attended the preview of JAMAICA, FAREWELL by Debra Ehrhard. Was I in for a treat, not only is Debra a charismatic performer but she is a captivating storyteller. The play was quite nostalgic and kept me on the edge of my seat. I was so bowled over after seeing it that I was thrilled to return with my niece and a friend. Needless to say, I enjoyed the play just as much the second time as I did initially. I recommend JAMAICA, FAREWELL whole-heartedly and will return again and again! You'll probably see me there . . .

This woman is amazing

I was dragged to this show, dreading the boredom of some middle-aged woman who thinks her life is so important and tragic that she must rehash it on stage. I WAS WRONG. I've never seen a one-woman show so versatile, so energetic, so dynamic that i never once felt even the slightest bit bored. This woman is amazing. Even just the rapidly shifting characters, each with distinctive voices and mannerisms, is enough to keep you entertained, not to mention Ehrhardt's cunning wit, which had the whole theater in stitches within the first few minutes. This rip-snorter of a tale just gets funnier and more exciting as it unfolds, keeping you on the edge of your seat through to the final moment, with an ending that will please even the gravest cynic. I didn't even laugh this hard at Spamalot!

Jamaica, Farewell is a winner all around.

Jamaica, Farewell, written and performed by Jamaican native Debra Ehrhardt, is a masterful accomplishment. While it is currently playing Off-Broadway, I expect it won't be long before it is playing ON Broadway and even on the big screen. Ehrhardt keeps the audience riveted from the very first line she speaks to the exciting conclusion of this alternately hilarious, touching, mysterious and action-packed one-woman show. To call it a one-woman show is almost an insult because Ehrhardt superbly plays every single character in the show (I think there are at least 20) so convincingly that you feel as if you're watching a full cast. Superby directed with artful lighting, Jamaica, Farewell is a winner all around. Get to the SoHo Playhouse and see this incredible performance!

Wow- on many levels

I went to see this play, Jamaica Farewell; and all I say is -Wow- on many levels. I mean, where do I start? I can go on and on. Simply put, go and see it! Debra stands onstage, alone, I might add, and hooked me with a jaw-dropping unbelievable tale. This woman dared to construct a play taken from a slice of her life. And she pulled it off. It is well-written and superbly acted. I sat amongst Jamaicans and Americans alike. And here's the thing: We all laughed, cried at the same scenes, whether they were weighted with suspense or dread, funny or serious. Very few stories possess this crossover trait. Jamaica Farewell does! You, too, will experience the gamut of emotions as I did. Believe me, I truly was impressed. I, like everyone else, applauded Ms. Debra Ehrhardt, for her performance. On my way to the Subway to get home (Yes, yes. True New Yorkers take the subway...;-) ), I realized that this play re-enforced in me that we all can achieve our Hopes and Dreams. And it is vital we do so - especially in the times we live in. I urge all theatre-goers to see it. I guarantee you will fall in love with it. “Just Do It! (like the famous slogan says)!

This is a miracle of a show

This is a miracle of a show. It is many kinds of terrific-- inspirational, exciting, funny, and deeply moving with a gloriously bravura tour-de-force by its star Debra Ehrhardt. Her talent and spirit are luminous. This truly is a must-see performance. As the play unfolds, one is caught by surprise again and again as the story takes some deliciously unexpected turns. I dont want to spoil the story for you, but trust me, it is a humdinger. What seemed at first to be a lovely and innocent coming-of-age tale, turns into a nail-biting thriller with all of us on the edge of our seats rooting with all our hearts for a successful outcome for our new best friend, Debra Ehrhardt. I cannot remember the last time I laughed so much all through the play and at other times wiped away tears. I found myself, along with the rest of the audience, on my feet at the end cheering loudly, wishing the show had not just ended. I cannot recommend this play more highly. Run to the SoHo Playhouse while there are still tickets available.

I'm seeing again

So good, I'm seeing again and I'm bringing my mother along this time! Love Ya, Debbie! :))

The absolute best show I've ever seen

The absolute best show I've ever seen. Debra is extremely warm, genuine, and hilariously entertaining. After hearing her story and watching her play the various roles, you will thank the person that took you to the play. I can't wait for the sequel, or even better--the movie!

This gal is terribly talented!

This gal is terribly talented! She makes us Jamaicans so proud! Thanks Debra! Keep being creative and doing your thing girl!

incredibly funny

My regret is that I only had a couple of hours to acquire 7 people to come to the show. All eight of us left in awe at such talent. This one woman show was incredibly funny, brought back a lot of memories, as I could visualize the show. The brawta was that Ms. Ehrhardt thanked all her supporters. I had the pleasure of talking to her the night before, then to actually see her on a personal level, was incredible. See you next time Debra, Helen Fisher and the gang.

remarkable acheivement

"Jamaica Farewell" is a remarkable acheivement! Ms. Ehrhardt captivates the audience from start to finish as she slips in and out of different personas and weaves the tale of an immigrant's story that is heartwarming, funny, and wise. The play brings back vivid memories of a time and place when Jamaica, as indeed much of the West Indies, held so much promise for a bright future. The light, smells, sounds, and tastes of the island come incredibly alive through Debra's deft and imaginative portrayal, and reminds us that although we leave home, it always remains in our hearts. It is a one-woman show that roars to the whole world. Go see it!

it is about time!

Well! Well! Well! for me, it is about time! This was undoubtably my first time seeing the play and I was tremendously pleased with Debra's flawless presenatation and her clear and easy to believe depiction of her life in Jamaica and how she made it to America from her Island home - Jamaica - Land We Love! Keep on Keeping on Debra. This play should be a must see whenever it is in your area. Derrick L. Harvey President: The Atlanta Jamaican Association, Inc.

electrifying entertainment

My cousin Mark Sinclair sent me an email with two days notice of this play at the SOHO playhouse in NYC. I went with an open mind and came back with an excited soul. I never thought that one person could provide such electrifying entertainment while telling a story that is many of us can relate to. WOW, Debra Ehrhardt is a one of a kind success story, her energy and versatility, charm and performance will make us all proud, especially us, Jamaicans. Once was not enough, I wanted to see more..more and is filled with excitement and energy yet leaves you wanting more. Now, on December 8, 2009, Jamaica Farewell is back in NYC...this is my treat, I cannot wait to sit back, absorb and be transformed by this one woman dynamic entertainment....tell everyone about this refreshing opportunity to be entertained. Don't miss her...tell everyone about this.

I had to see her performance twice

I had to see her performance twice, and still that wasn't enough! Debra is an incredible actress who brought a real life story through the stage and into the hearts of other immigrants like myself and others. We were able to feel the painful depth and reality of the state of our beloved Jamaica, as well as, the underlying message of hope above adversities! Thanks Debra! Your performance was outstanding and flawless. I would invite any Jamaican living outside of our island to see it, hear it and feel it in the depths of your soul!

It was hilarious from start to finish

I met Debra before I even saw her production. I was impressed with her business and marketing acumen and so I organized a group of friends (mostly Jamaicans) to go see her production. It was hilarious from start to finish. Having grown up in Jamaica myself, I could relate intimately to all of the adventurous and daring escapades of this young lady in her quest to go to America. I also know several friends and family members who experienced similar situations, so this production was very nostalgic for me. Everyone who has seen this delightful production agree that Debra is an amazingly talented as well as beautiful actress. I wish her continued success and look forward to seeing her on the BIG screen soon!! Irie sistah!!

This was a great show

This was a great show, a definite MUST see for all Jamaican's. Debra's one woman show was one for the masters. Loved it!

The play is simply awesome

At first when I heard that this was a one person performance, I was a unwilling to go see it, as I have been to one such Play here in Jamaica and found it rather boring. Mr. Hoilett kept persuading me saying that I should attend and I did. I went with mixed feelings and consoled myself that it would be a dramatic skit or poetry reading. I saw the play tonight and I held on the every bit of her acting. I have lived in Jamaica all my life but never experienced the turbulent 70's. I never had the desire to migrate, even though most of my family lived overseas. So many young girls in Jamaica today still have Debra's desire to migrate. The play is simply awesome. She portrayed each character so that the audience had the exact image of each person. It was an excellent piece and recommend it to every Jamaican. I sat there seeing each character come to life as if they were all on the stage with her. Hats off Debra! Magnificent Performance.You played the roles with the same dedication and determination that you had to "Go to America "

She has amazing talent

Jamaica came to Santa Fe for just 2 days last month, and i was fortunate enough to see Debra do her truly extraordinary one-woman show! As someone who spent one year living in Jamaica, i had a good handle on Jamaican language and lifestyle....Debra brought it all back to me with such brilliance, with her ability to capture so many different characters in such an authentic way. She is a master stroryteller, and her style and skill is so smooth that you are totally immersed and delighted with her very funny story...She has amazing talent, and knows how to make theater magic!

Well done Debra

I had the priviledge of attending the production "Jamaica Farewell" here in Ottowa Canada on the 29th of August 2010. It was an afternoon well spent. I felt such joy just listening to Debra, I watched every facial expression, every movement that she made and as a lover of Theatre, I have to say it was one of the best performances I have seen in a long time. As a Jamaican myself, this play brought back lots of memories of my beautiful Jamaica, and for those who were not Jamaicans they were able to vividly see different sides of Jamaican life. Well done Debra. I recommend this higly to everyone who loves to enjoy a good evening at the Theatre.

a must see

I went to the Dallas show and I was amazed the show was awesome Debra was wonderful and funny a must see.

we enjoyed every minute

My friend and I went to see your amazing play on Sunday in Richardson, Texas, and we enjoyed every minute! Your portrayal of each of the characters in your play certainly brought them to life for those of us in your audience. You gave us a perfect blend of humor and poignancy. I am in awe of you, your journey, and your ability to bring it all to life in such a unique way! Thank you so much for sharing your story, and I wish you the best of luck in bringing it to the "big screen"! Dodie Kindred P.S. Your son provided the perfect ending!

Great show!

Great show! Saw the 5/29 show in Richardson, Texas.I went at the recommendation of a good friend of mine in New York who had seen it three times!! Her exact words were "you're in for a treat," and she was right I loved it!! Debra was fantastic!!! Can't wait for the movie. 🙂


Great show! The play captivated me as well as the audience. She depicted each character so well that i was able to relate to each character! She is truly talented and has captured the all island dream, to make it to America!! I loved it and wish her luck in all of her pursuits!

Her storytelling ability is amazing

A truly wonderful performance by this uniquely talented woman. Her storytelling ability is amazing. Her ability to bring to life the various characters in her one-woman act is truly amazing! Good luck to you in your acting career, deserve to be seen.. and heard!

I laughed, cried and laughed again

Debra is AMAZING! I laughed, cried and laughed again! A must see!

Absolutely enjoyable

Absolutely enjoyable. A compilation of emotional journeys as you travel with the storyteller throughout life in Jamaica and the pursuit of happiness. Laughter, followed by sadness, followed by country pride, followed by suspense, followed by triumph. I would highly recommend seeing Jamaica Farewell. I am glad I followed through on a promise to one of my Jamaican co-workers that I would support the show here in Atlanta. Debra is phenomenal. Truly an up-town girl with a downtown charisma. Funny, classy, and definitely authentic.

I had a wonderful experience

Last evening I had a wonderful experience of watching Debra's one woman show. I felt, knew and tasted each of the dishes, characters and rhythms of her leaving that beautiful yet frightening island. My parents and family members left after generations of living there. I laughed at the 20 year wait as we became the sponsoring family in the US. I wish this one shows on PBS! I'm encouraging my friends and family to go see her.

One Love!

I love supporting local independent theater and anything related to Jamaica holds near & dear to my heart, so “Jamaica, Farewell” was a must see for me. I was not sure what to expect from a one-woman show, but I was entertained, inspired, enamored, & charmed by Debra Ehrhardt. She brought each character to life from herself as a 7 year old imaginative likkle girl, to her soft-spoken righteous mother; from her gambling, drinking, thick Patois speaking father, to Jack with his all-American accent. So clever! I listened, laughed, and even cried. I cheered when her complete story was told, but I didn’t want it to be over. (I wish there was a Part 2.) Also, it was very sweet to have her true-life son, Danny Ehrhardt (who is also the sound designer), join her onstage upon the conclusion of the performance in an endearing hug and an audience inspiring sing-a-long. One Love!

Had a few good laughs.

Had a few good laughs. Debbie's recollections of Jamaica in the 70's and mine are very different. We have both ended up in the same place - USofA, and maybe for the same reasons, but for me, as a young well educated adult Jamaica in the 70's was filled with hope for a better future, remember "Better Mus' Come"!. It was in the 80's that I had to accept that I had to live in a land without hope of being anything better than America's backyard. I decided that since I had to live in the capitalist world, I might as well live in the developed part of it rather than the underdeveloped part. So here I am. Debbie's play made me feel a depth of sadness that I have not felt for a long time. If I had bought into this system fully I would have gone home and watched "Dancing with the Stars" or some other trivial "reality show" and ate a gallon of ice cream. I still pray that a generation will come up the will fulfill Jamiaca's potential for realizing that "Better Mus' Come"!

Funny entertaining and nostalgic.

My husband and enjoyed this showed . We are very impressed with Debra,s ability to remember the dialogue. Funny entertaining and nostalgic. I lived in Jamaica at that time and it brought back good and not so good memories. I am impressed with my fellow Jamaican talent, this sis a one woman show not to be missed. Big up Debra.

"must-see" play

I wanted to see this play when it was first performed at the Falcon Theater in Los Angeles where the reviews were top-notched. Didn't make that mistake again and saw the beautifully talented writer/actress perform her story on April 18. Wow, what a story! My sister and I were on the edge of our seats living the journey with Debra. This is a "must-see" play and folks would be doing themselves a favor by seeing the wonderful, wonderful play! Debra please get in touch with my sister & me (from New Orleans) about getting together for lunch.

fantastic job

I saw the play last week and loved it. Having lived and worked in Jamaica from 1970-1972 as a Peace Corps volunteer, I knew the rural countryside very well--the rum shops, kerosene lamps, school children, churches, reggae, and wonderfully friendly Jamaicans. I have very fond memories. The play portrays very realistically the historical and social context of Jamaica a few years after I left the island. One could detect in '70-'72 the early political swirlings leading up to the JLP-PNP political crisis. Debra does a fantastic job portraying all this. In the play, her dialects vary from proper English to heavy patois depending on the diversity of persons portrayed. The play demonstrates the intensity of desire on the part of so many Jamaicans to better their lives. It demonstrates social problems that made it so hard for many people to improve their situations. Debra--and the play--were excellent at capturing the raw emotions involved in how big social issues get played out on a personal, family level. I most highly recommend everyone see this wonderful production. It's the kind of play that should be transformed into a film!

Excellent, excellent, excellent!

I saw this play on Sunday October 13th in Santa Monica and I am so glad that I did. My boyfriend bought us tickets and I did not know the background of the play going into it, he just told me that it was a one woman play about Jamaica. The story was so captivating and full of adventure. Upon finding out that the story was true at the end of the play I was amazed. I could not say enough good things about her performance and her story. I would recommend this play to everyone. Excellent, excellent, excellent! She was so brave!


Just saw the best one man show I've seen in years at the Santa Monica Playhouse. Debra Ehrhardt was FANTASTIC. I couldn't believe my luck that I got the tickets through GoldStar. I certainly hope she does another. She was a delight to watch. Best 85 minutes spent.

phenomenal one-woman show

Debra Ehrhardt performs a phenomenal one-woman show for 85 straight minutes. I was initially concerned about the lack of intermission, but the time was totally inconsequential as I was drawn into Ehrhardt's story. The script is extremely well written and paced. Ehrhardt delivers on the drama and comedy with great charm, wit, intensity, and authenticity as she captures the key figures affecting her life. The audience responses were peppered with outbursts of laughter -- especially from the Jamaicans in the house. Ehrhardt's adult son, Danny Ehrhardt joins the actress on stage for the last few minutes. It's frosting on the cake to enjoy his talent and witness the endearing familial support. I heartily recommend this play, and urge you to see it, enjoy it, and get out the word! 10/20/13 Santa Monica Playhouse

pinnacle of awesomeness

I went to this because I recently went to Jamaica with my GF and I also plan on doing a one-man show, so I wanted to research, reminisce and enjoy. Boy, did we do all that! Debra was very organic, hilarious, diverse and all-encompassing. As per her story she told us after, she came up from her roots and did things on her own to manifest this art piece and the success and organic perfection of her performance shows this all to be true. I HIGHLY recommend this for any human. It IS what a one person show should be all the way, any way you can imagine, at the pinnacle of awesomeness!

captivating and magical.

Debra Ehrhardt's one-woman show in Jamaica, Farewell is captivating and magical. She moves effortlessly from one character to the next, often hilariously and always with a winning spirit and courageous heart. She took us on a journey of hope and determination, with colorful detours for goat soup and cow foot. Run barefoot to see this show!

you will not be disappointed

The first thing I did when I got home was google Pigeon Town, Jamaica. The second thing I did was reflect upon the awesomeness that is Jamaica, Farewell. It’s hard to pull-off an 85 minute one-woman show. And Debra Ehrhardt didn’t only pull it off, she nailed it. Her journey was like a choose-your-own-adventure with twists and turns following each turn of the page. Debra is able to fluidly shift between characters and emotions with ease. Her humor and wit will charm you, her smile is contagious, and her energy and passion are ever-present. There is no wonder everyone wanted to meet Debra after the show! Go to see Jamaica, Farewell (before it goes to the big screen) as you will not be disappointed.

Absolutely fabulous show

Absolutely fabulous show. Thank you Debra for coming to the beautiful Cayman Islands. Many blessings as you enjoy "foreign"! 🙂

great storytelling

I recently saw Jamaica Farewell in NYC and was amazed how one actress could make 85 minutes go by so fast! I was totally captivated. A great story is always a great story, but more than that; this is great storytelling. I have yet to visit Jamaica but Debra made me feel like I was right there. Five bright stars! (And a big smile)

heartwarming story

I recently saw Debra's outstanding performance of Jamaica, Farewell in NYC and loved it! What a courageous, spirited and heartwarming story! Debra's delivery of her story as different characters and well-timed humor showcased her incredible talent as both a playwright and actor. I highly recommend this show- it will definitely make you smile at the very least.

you are amazing

Debra, Wonderful show, you are amazing, the best I have seen at the Fringe!!!o6

the power and passion

A play that shows the what the power and passion of brilliant storytelling can make the human spirit feel. I left the theatre inspired, and waiting to see the film.

a wonderful piece of storytelling

I saw this production at the Edinbugh fringe. This was a wonderful piece of storytelling, with great characters and an engaging narrative. It had particular resonance for me as I worked as a teacher in Jamaica during the late seventies, and it brought back many memories. The images created of Pigeon Town and Jackass Ridge will stay with me for a long time! Thank you.

Amazing Play!!!

Amazing Play!!! Debbie's experience brought back memories of my mother migrating to America from Belize. Vastly different experiences, but the yearn to be in the US for opportunities yielded unique ways and ideas on how to get here despite visa denial. My fav scene in the play was when she said goodbye to her father. I wept during that scene because I knew that would be the last time she saw her dad. The whole experience told onstage by Debbie was exciting, comedic, emotional, and had me on the edge of my seats. Wonderful play - A MUST SEE!!! I'm getting two tickets to take my husband and I would love to see it again. YES, and thank you for sharing your story Debbie. Your energy is infectious!

I was mesmerized the entire time

The play was wonderful! Debbie is an amazing storyteller. I've been meaning to see this play for years and finally got a chance to do so. I was totally entertained for 85 minutes. She made me laugh, she made me cry and I was mesmerized the entire time. We have the same experience trying to obtain a visa from my country (Belize) so I totally related to her journey. I've eaten most of the food she talked about and listened to some of the same songs. Thank you, Debbie, for doing such a beautiful job relaying your story to the world.

Jamaica Farewell

Debra did an amazing job describing her difficulty realizing her dream of coming to America! Her story was funny, honest and even suspenseful at times! We have seen the show three times and for my husband and his family who emigrated to America, it was more than entertaining. It was historically relevant! We recommend this show to anyone who has had a dream for a better life. We love you Debra!
- Sharon and Christopher Stanley

Totally Entertaining

Her story telling is so entertaining, she is a wonderful actress.
- Gregory Spevack

Janaica, Farewell

"Jamaica, Farewell" is a must-see not only for Jamaicans, but for anyone with an interest in the history and culture of our beautiful island. Debra Ekhardt, talented playwright and actress, aptly portrays, with appropriate humor, the poignancy, desperation and hope, experienced by Jamaicans in the 1970s. When this amazing production plays in your area, make every effort to see it.
- Noelle-Marguerite Moody


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